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Investors and companies are even more confronted with sustainable development issues in their everyday activities and management process: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related risks can not be ignored: ESG issues concern countries where you invest, where you operate or where your partners are located.

Today, companies and investors need help to face these issues. That's why Oresys and Ethifinance designed a website-tool which enables firms to estimate country-risks according to ESG criteria. Global Risk Rating was born.

G2R helps you assess ESG-related country-risks thanks to several indicators and a customizable comparison tool.
Three main topics have been chosen :
 Governance and Human Rights  Socioeconomic development and human capital  Natural resources and environment protection
International conventions, political stability, bribery/corruption prevention ... Human Development Index
Access to essential services
International conventions
Energy and Climate
Protected areas

Global Risk Rating principles
  Global Risk Rating principles
  The access is secured: members only are allowed to consult and use the data
  The data provided are regularly checked and updated
  The whole data are issued from public and official sources (UN, UNDP, World Bank and other well-known public organisms)
   Members have unlimited access to the data through database queries
   Assessment tools are simple and customizable ones
Every user can add and download their own data on a country (investments, subsidiaries, employees …) and cross them/it with ‘G2R standard’ information
Global Risk Rating enables firms to consult and customize country-risks analyses.


How can GlobalRiskRating help you?

Supply and purchasing management
Which risks do I run as a purchasing manager for a given country?

How can I assess the social and environmental risk linked to this supplier? How can I include the environmental risk in my rating criteria ? How will it impact my product ranges?

Given my suppliers portfolio, which country –therefore which supply chain – is the riskiest?
How do I maximize my suppliers portfolio‘s risk exposure ?

How do I fix priorities when it comes to securing my purchasing policy?

How do I adapt my requirements towards my suppliers in a given country? (supply commitments, contractual clauses…)
Sustainable development policy

How shall I adapt my firm’s Sustainable development policy given the countries in which it is settled?
What are the priorities in terms of sustainable development for a given country? How can I strengthen the CSR report with maps and graphs providing useful information about the location of my subsidiaries?

Projects management and projects financing
I’m thinking over the ways to finance a major project : how do I estimate the ESG country-risks?

I’m managing a projects portfolio : how do I take the country-risk into account when it comes to arbitration ?
Risk management

What is the mapping of my exposure at political, environmental and social risks, according to the countries in which my firm is settled? What kind of risks does my Company run?

What are the risks in terms of bribery for each country? Do I need to adapt my internal control policies?

Given a country, what kind of issues shall I pay attention to

 Asset management
 As a Socially Responsible Investor, you must know that extra financial assessment cannot be restricted to listed companies. Indeed, the trend is for your institutional investors to look for SRI coverage on all types of assets and this includes sovereign debt. So, how can you rate a country according to social and environmental criteria? How can you assess different countries with heterogeneous indicators? Such questions are on everybody’s mind…that is why EthiFinance and Oresys have developed the “Global Risk rating” (or G2R) methodology. G2R aims at providing asset managers with the means of defining what are the key criteria upon which you wish to rate various countries. We have harmonised a set of 90 criteria against 106 countries enabling you to compare them according to a format of your own choice. This is a unique approach to manage and make the right investment decisions according to sustainable policies and practices.


Global Risk Rating Methodology


G2R’s backbone is made of 90 indicators. They not only estimate the countries’ « official » commitment, but also appreciate the observers’ and populations’ perception of this commitment.

Those indicators have been chosen regarding key issues about sustainable development, as defined by the UN Millennium Development goals and the European commission..

Those indicators have been chosen according to their:
     Reliability: UN organizations and entities; famous and serious NGOs

Indicators are rated from 1 (high risk - low performance)  to 6 (low risk - hign performance) ; countries can therefore be rated on the various topics.

 Examples of indicators :
Human Development Index (HDI), ILO core conventions ratifications, Energy intensity, GDP per capita ...

Pays couverts par Global Risk Rating
Global Risk Rating covers 106 countries :

    Central Europe and Asia
    Middle-east and north Africa

Topic assessed
Each topic includes indicators and scorings.

Global Risk Rating rates the countries according to each standard topic (governance, human capital, environment).Rating of each topic is based on the average scores awarded to indicators, depending on weights awarded to each and every indicators.

The user can also design its own scoring / rating according to its own major challenges.


 Global Risk Rating main features

 Global Risk Rating offers intuitive ergonomics, visual analysing supports that make it easier for you to use the data, as well as many ways of customizing your analyses.

A user-friendly tool you can easily customize
The user can create and modify its own topics and indicators according to the major issues it faces.

Examples: purchasing per country, subsidiaries’ turnover…
Various supports
Thanks to a user-friendly query set up, the user can access a rating database for 106 countries and more than 80 indicators thanks to :

  Country profiles, giving all the information available for a given country ; profiles can be downloaded

  Comparative sheets, helping you to compare the situation in various countries according different indicators

  Graphs, making it easier to compare the countries (radar, diagrams, histograms)

  Geographic maps, providing you with a useful communication tool.

An open tool
Thanks to Global Risk Rating, save the queries you made and download your analyses (in .xls, .pdf or .jpg files)

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